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The ban includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and water pipe tobacco (hookahs).

Tuesday marks the start of a nationwide ban on smoking in public housing projects. "By working collaboratively with public housing agencies, HUD's rule will create healthier homes for all of our families and prevent devastating and costly smoking-related fires".

The ban was passed under the Obama administration in November 2016.

The RRHA addendum states that the goal of the rule is to mitigate: the irritation and known health effects of lit tobacco products, increased maintenance costs from the effects of lit tobacco products, increased fire risks associated with smoking indoors, and the higher costs of fire insurance for a non-smoke-free building. The nationwide ban on smoking in public housing was implemented almost two years after the rule was passed by the Obama administration in 2016.

HUD says about 228,000 public housing units under more than 600 local agencies were already smoke-free, and the new rule wipes out smoking in more than 940,000 other units. Under HUD rules, tenants can be evicted after three smoking violations.

"Residents have been required to sign new leases acknowledging the new policy and staff will continue to provide smoking cessation program information to residents as requested", Lemons said. The policy also extends to all outdoor areas up to 25 feet from the public housing and administrative office buildings.