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Blake then gets edited to make it look like he is going into a deep, dark spiral about Becca's feelings for him. "I think that we could be right and we could be partners, but I think that there's just a better fit for us out there".

Becca loves two people and thanks to Neil Lane parachuting into the Maldives, both those men have giant engagement rings tucked into their pockets just in case she lets them propose to her.

"Just because I liked it, doesn't necessarily mean that I supported it", he told PEOPLE.

"What happened in the Maldives, it's handsome and it's brutal at the same time", the host continued. And then there was their emotional nighttime rendezvous in Garrett's suite in which he shared his dreams of changing diapers and grocery shopping with her, and she teased him about his snoring and brought up, again, how much he reminded her of her late father. "No one's ever talking to me after that". And you've made me know that I can fall in love again.

"The Instagram situation, I don't condone that and he stands by his apology", she added.

Oh, so Garrett's done then?

She finally has her wish with Yrigoyen.

'He was great on night one, but, I could tell he was nervous and I wasn't sure if he could get past the cameras, ' she said. He was the most confident going into the proposal. Then she cries that she doesn't want to hurt anyone and her mom basically says, lol, yeah, someone is definitely getting hurt - and it's probably Blake.

"I lived at the gym, I lived on the Stairmaster", Bibiana Julian, who also appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games spinoff earlier this year, told E! But Becca defended her fiance, saying that she got to know him on the show without phones or social media, so "I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul". "I never want you to doubt yourself", she told Horstmann. Many franchise fans wonder if Blake now becomes the frontrunner to be the 2019 Bachelor lead, but he has some stiff competition.

Becca unleashed one of the most baffling explanations for a breakup in television history. Becca's Twitter header image is an illustration of Joe Biden, so the things Garrett liked go against things she believes in, like equality and feminism.

Even if you don't read spoilers, it was clear that Blake's insecurities would play a part in Becca's decisions. "I really haven't thought about it".

Becca also calledThe Bachelorette finale "intense", telling ET that viewers will experience a wide range of emotions - from sadness to laughter - on Monday night.

The future: When the proposal finally came it nearly seemed like an afterthought given how long we had to wait to see it (although I understand why the producers wouldn't have made Blake sit and watch it). But the Instagram brouhaha also had the effect of essentially spoiling the season: The amount of immediate blowback from those involved with the show, including a full interview with Becca on the topic and a carefully worded apology from Garrett, suggested he was the season's victor.