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As if we didn't already know it, now comes more stinking proof that in an election year, politics and personal ambition trump (little t) all. "But if we ever did, nobody has a chance". During his campaign to become the Republican candidate for president, Trump questioned weather McCain, who was captured during the Vietnam war and was tortured, is really a war hero.

Mitchell delivered the strong remarks in her newscast the following day, blasting Trump's act of "all but jumping through hoops to avoid even mentioning John McCain by name, shunning the armed services chairman", something she said was simply "extraordinary".

The legislation -named after Senator John McCain- was officially signed into law by the Commander-in-Chief while he visited Fort Drum in NY.

And under a section describing the Sense of Senate on USA military forces on the Korean Peninsula, .it says their "significant removal" is "a non-negotiable item as it relates to the complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization" of North Korea.

At a ceremony at the U.S. Army's Fort Drum base in NY, .

Trump has previously said he supported the One China Policy, but hinted that it should be linked to other issues in the China-US relationship.

President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act Monday afternoon, approving a military spending budget of $717 billion in 2019 and a 2.6% pay raise for military personnel across the board.

John McCain, prohibits the United States government and its contractors from buying certain telecommunications and video surveillance equipment from ZTE, Huawei and a handful of other Chinese communications companies.

"I'm humbled that my colleagues in Congress chose to designate this bill in my name", the 81-year-old Republican said in a statement released after the signing of John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.

Congress rewrote that provision, and Trump touts the Space Command as a step toward his proposal for the creation of a Space Force as the sixth branch of the military. It allows Trump to waive sanctions against countries that bought Russian weapons and now want to buy USA military equipment.

The NDAA also includes substantial language aimed at forcing the military into better reporting of aspects of their assorted to wars to Congress.

Trump and McCain have had a strained relationship for years. Trump, who has long prided himself on never apologizing, believing it shows weakness, did not apologize, but the aide was later fired.

On June 18, the US Senate passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act an amendment banning the sale of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets to Turkey citing Ankara's planned purchase of two batteries of the S-400 air defense missile system from Russian Federation.