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Venom will hail from Sony's Marvel Universe of characters and will not be a spinoff of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, wherein Sony allows Spider-Man to be played by Tom Holland.

Then there's that flawless gag at the end, when Eddie stops a convenience store robbery as Venom. Consequently, he exposes human test subjects - possibly some of San Francisco's most vulnerable inhabitants - to the symbiotes in the hopes of creating something like Venom. From background score to visuals, everything has been put in just to make you watch the trailer on loop.

In a lab the antagonist says: "Look around at the world, what do you see?"

After seeing various clips of Hardy wrestling with his demons - quite literally - we're treated to Riz Ahmed's sinister character as he revels in experimenting on his new subjects. The creature has a much stronger hold on the reporter, using "we" more often in this trailer to emphasize their one-ness and Eddie's role in the carnage to come. Venom shows him no mercy as he appears to chomp down on him. The symbiote's influence over Eddie takes on a clear picture, whereas before we only heard the voice in his head and saw its alien power lash out against his will.

There's still no Spider-Man to be found in this action-heavy trailer for the spin-off that was hyped to evoke the feel of David Cronenberg and John Carpenter films in a way that's "more pop and fun". They declare "We are Venom" before apparently eating the man. Either way, he says good night to the owner, Mrs. Chen, and leaves the store. The level of violence definitely pushes the R-rating, and the humor is a bit forced.