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"Wages are up, not down", Huckabee argued on Fox News' "Fox and Friends".

"We'll see whether or not Canada gets into it, otherwise we'll do something separately".

Congress members from both parties as well as US business leaders also want Canada included to preserve the more than $1 trillion in trade under the 24-year-old trilateral deal.

For example, the U.S. International Trade Commission, an independent federal agency, this week scrapped the Commerce Department's duties on uncoated groundwood paper from Canada, saying the shipments don't threaten American producers. "Canada, of course, will only sign a deal which is good for Canada".

Canada can sign on until Congress ratifies the deal, which will likely be at the end of November.

"Congress should not interfere with these negotiations or I will simply terminate NAFTA entirely and we will be far better off".

He followed that post with another tweet, saying there is "no political necessity" for Canada to join the new NAFTA deal. "We are concerned that excluding Canada from a final agreement will limit our export opportunities and hurt the USA economy", said Gary Shapiro, the head of the Consumer Technology Association, in a statement.

Mr. Trump wants to get a trade deal finalized by December 1.

"I think Canada will be in it". "It's not about Democrats or Republicans", he said.

When it comes to agriculture, Canada is generally the number three market for Kansas, behind Mexico and Japan. But they're our allies.

The deal with Mexico keeps tariffs on farm products at zero.

President Donald Trump has threatened to leave Canada on the sidelines since announcing a breakthrough with Mexico on Monday, but the U.S. president and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both expressed optimism a deal is close.

The latest Twitter volley came as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought the advice of a man who understands the pressure-cooker of high-stakes trade negotiations - former prime minister Brian Mulroney. Canada is the second-biggest trading partner of the US, and Mexico is the third. Talks to keep Canada in the bloc broke up on Friday but are expected to resume next week.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland downplayed the impact of Trump's remarks on the talks.

"I think it will oblige us to make a strategic shift in our long-term advocacy in the United States of America", he said.

However, she repeated that Canada will only sign an agreement that is in its national interest. Congress eventually would have to approve any agreement.

The 90 days will run out November 30.

But it is questionable whether Trump can unilaterally exclude Canada from a deal to replace the three-nation agreement without the approval of Congress.

"Because NAFTA was enacted through an act of Congress, Congress has to undo it", he said in a phone interview. "At least Canada knows where I stand!"

This week's new round of U.S.

Canada is the No. 1 destination for American products shipped overseas, and more than 8 million U.S.jobs are supported by trade with Canada, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The agreement would last 16 years, with an opportunity to review it and adjust the terms after six years.

"The impact of the reworked NAFTA deal will be absolutely trivial for global trade", says Evenett.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Canada's dairy industry and has used the threat of tariffs on Canada's auto production to push for concessions.