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Now you have to update Chrome to the latest version i.e. Chrome 69.

For that, we are exceedingly grateful.

You can download Chrome here and below we have outlined some of the major changes in this release. The edges of tabs are rounded in Chrome 69, the profile icon was moved from the title bar to the main toolbar, and the height of the titlebar has been reduced even further in the new version. It is hoped to disable Flash by default in Chrome 76 (July 2019), and remove it from Chrome for good with version 87 (in December 2020) to coincide with Adobe's own plans to retire the plugin. Our Macs and PCs aren't seeing the new update, so the release may be rolling out in staggered waves. We recommend LastPass - it's used by numerous staff members here at Android Authority.

Google has chosen today to make an announcement because of a special occasion: It's Google Chrome's 10th birthday! Chrome for Android 69.0.3497.76 brings a clean and more modern design, secure and easy mobile payments via third party apps, support for password generation on more sites, and general stability and performance improvements. Also, if you're typing an address to navigate to a website, the Omnibox will now let you know if you already have that tab open. Presuming web browsers are still a thing by then. Without the need to open an extra tab.

The rounded shapes extend all the way to the recently used pages. We've seen other Google apps like Google Contacts and Android Messages receive this visual overhaul, and now it's Google Chrome's turn.

Overall, Google says this visual overhaul is meant to boost productivity by reducing distractions and improving navigation.

And finally, in terms of new up front features, Google is letting you customize the new tab page with your favorites. I've had this on my device for some time and honestly, I thought it was already a thing. When it's time to create a new password, Chrome will now generate one for you.

Millions of home Wi-Fi networks could be easily hacked, even when the network is protected by a strong password, thanks to a flaw in Chrome-based browsers.

Tip: To see what passwords Chrome has saved, simple point your browser to passwords.google.com. The Omnibox combines the search bar and address bar into one, making search more faster and smarter.

You can also search for open tabs in the Omnibox.

You'll soon be able to search through your Google Drive right from the search bar.

Google has also added shortcut management to newly opened tabs, which can also feature a photo of your choice in the background. It said: "Imagine searching on Chrome for a singer you just heard, and having Chrome show you not just their bio, but also their upcoming concert near you and where to purchase tickets". Ever play the Chrome Dino game?

The biggest change you'll notice up front is the new look. Hit the button below to head to the Google Chrome listing.