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A tiny leak detected on the Space Station is now venting air into space, but NASA assures that the crew is safe and repairs are underway. The leak, which is thought to be the result of a micrometeoroid, is described as not being life threatening.

A Soyuz flight intended for April 2019 "will achieve the fulfilment of our commitments under a contract with NASA related to the delivery of USA astronauts to the ISS and their return from the station", Borisov said at the Energia Rocket and Space Corp., reported by TASS.

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst, pictured, reportedly put his finger over the hole initially, before crew patched it with tape.

The Soyuz spacecraft was one of two attached to the station, the USA space agency said.

Early this morning, the flight controllers informed the crew about the leak. Both NASA and Roscosmos are assuring the public that the astronauts aren't in any danger, and that the space station isn't at risk of depressurising.

Now flight controllers are monitoring the cabin pressure while coming up with a better and long-term solution for the leak.

"The crew are healthy and safe with weeks of air left in the International Space Station reserves", ESA officials said in their statement.

'Flight controllers are working with the crew to develop a more comprehensive long-term fix'.

The issue started at 7PM EDT last night when flight controllers for the ISS noted signs of a "minute pressure leak".

The leaking Soyuz - one of two at the station - arrived at the orbiting lab in June with three astronauts.

The station has been mostly a collaboration between USA and Russian crews during its decade and a half of continuous operation.

"There is no leak", the cosmonaut told Russian Mission Control.

Three ISS crewmembers are due to use that same Soyuz vehicle to return to Earth at the end of the year.