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What I’m Drinking and Why You Should Care


Ah, spring, when hope is eternal, the trees and flowers start to bud and you need to get the old lawn mower out of the shed for the first time since October. Yes sir, winter is finally over and your trusted and loyal narrator is back from his winter-borne hibernation from too many porters and [...]

New Orleans Taints the NFL


This past Wednesday, the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell came to a stunning conclusion with regard to the “bounties” reportedly being paid out by the coaches and players inside the locker room of the New Orleans Saints to injure opposing players. While repercussions were to be expected in this contentious situation, the suspensions and fines [...]

Mark’s The Man – Sanchez Signs Contract Extension with the Jets


In what could be considered impeccable timing, the New York Jets extended QB Mark Sanchez’s contract by three more years late on Friday. The extension puts Sanchez under contract with the Jets for five years and clearly indicates that GM Mike Tannenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan feel that Sanchez is the Jets franchise quarterback [...]

5 Offensive Stars In 2012 NFL Free Agency


With March 13th coming closer by the day, and the deadline for NFL teams to use their “Franchise Tag” passing this week, the once murky unrestricted free agent pool is clearing up every hour. In recent days, teams have pulled the big fish like QB Drew Brees, WRs Wes Welker and Desean Jackson, and RBs [...]

Five NFL Defensive Stars In Free Agency – Coming to a Team Near You?

Oakland Raiders safety Tyvon Branch breaks up a pass intended for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in Oakland

  With the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI and officially putting a bow on the 2011 NFL season, all the owners, players and fans can finally exhale and take a breath now, right? Nope. The fun is just starting. With the 2012 NFL draft combine just kicking off, [...]

What I’m Drinking and Why You Should Care


  Ladies and gentlemen, your faithful narrator is back just in time for that wonderful time of the year when all it does it snow and the temperature outdoors is just right. Now, that is obviously utter sarcasm as I hate the Winter, but you know what those conditions are just right for? Yep, drinking. [...]

Super Bowl XLVI Preview

super bowl xlvi

This Sunday night all the chips are officially pushed to the middle of the table ending the 2011 NFL season, and it’s the kind of classic matchup that the playoffs often culminate in – the number one ranked team in one conference versus the upstart 4th ranked team from the other. That number one ranked [...]

Dude, Where’s My Super Bowl?


  This Sunday is considered the culmination of five months of anxiety, happiness, depression and pain all rolled into one for the average football fan. Starting in late July with the arrival of training camp, the wonderment and—hopefully—optimism that comes with Opening Week, through the ups-and-downs all teams go through during the regular season, finishing [...]

Faux Bowl

pro bowl 2012

Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Rob Gronkowski and Jason Pierre-Paul are among some of the happiest players in the NFL right now. All are coming off exhilarating conference championship games, all are heading to Indianapolis to play in Super Bowl XLVI and none of them are heading to this year’s Pro Bowl in Honolulu this Sunday. [...]

Instant Replay – the Case For


  Video replay has become an integral part of the American sporting culture over the past decade. All the major sports have embraced a concept once reluctantly accepted, at first feeling replay would significantly stop in-game action and take away the human element of real time decision making. Whether it’s a football referee “going under [...]