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What I’m Drinking and Why You Should Care


Ah, spring, when hope is eternal, the trees and flowers start to bud and you need to get the old lawn mower out of the shed for the first time since October. Yes sir, winter is finally over and your trusted and loyal narrator is back from his winter-borne hibernation from too many porters and [...]

Gambling Guide to March Madness, Pt. 1

Thumbs up, or Thumbs down for Duke?

Welcome back, fellow degenerate gamblers! With us a month removed from the last NFL game and having to wait six months until the next one, we need something to hold us over and scratch our gambling itch. Welcome to March Madness! A practical gambler’s dream weekend starts up Thursday at 12:15 and the action is [...]

You Don’t Know……… March Madness 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, March is one of the greatest sporting months of the year.  The combine just wrapped up, the NFL offseason is about to get under way. The NBA is gearing up for the second half of the season. Oh, and then there’s the tournament. The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is considered by many [...]

What I’m Drinking and Why You Should Care


  Ladies and gentlemen, your faithful narrator is back just in time for that wonderful time of the year when all it does it snow and the temperature outdoors is just right. Now, that is obviously utter sarcasm as I hate the Winter, but you know what those conditions are just right for? Yep, drinking. [...]

Instant Replay – The Case Against

gazza tackle

18th May, 1991. In the 16th minute of the FA Cup Final at Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur’s Paul Gascoigne launched what can only be described as an assault on the Nottingham Forest full back Gary Charles. It was one of the easiest red cards a referee would ever be able to give, especially given Gazza had [...]

Instant Replay – the Case For


  Video replay has become an integral part of the American sporting culture over the past decade. All the major sports have embraced a concept once reluctantly accepted, at first feeling replay would significantly stop in-game action and take away the human element of real time decision making. Whether it’s a football referee “going under [...]

What I’m Drinking, and Why You Should Care


Just in time for the upcoming new year, I’m back to offer you my blessings for a great year, but I’m mostly here to share with you my newest obsession. The 21st Amendment Fireside Chat? Yep, over it. I still wouldn’t turn down a can of it, bite your tongue, but that was so 2011. [...]

The Most Offensive Christmas Song Ever


Christmas is almost upon us, and while other sites present lists of their favorite Christmas songs, we here at YDKF are going in a different direction. We’re going to present to you the most offensive Christmas song ever. Now, some songs go the route of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, or Merry F*cking Christmas, pushing [...]

What I’m Drinking, and Why You Should Care


I care about what you imbibe. I care about making this world better through the gift of drink, a place where everyone drinks nothing but the finest brews, where the quality of every man’s drink leaves him only with feelings of  satisfaction and happiness.  I care about you, and I’m here to help. I’m not [...]

You want to talk football?

Real Football

foot  (ft) n. pl. feet (ft) 1. The lower extremity of the vertebrate leg that is in direct contact with the ground in standing or walking.   ball 1  (bôl) n. 1. a. A spherical object or entity:     When I was asked to contribute a column to a new site about the sport I love, I was ecstatic.  I was raised [...]