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The Jets Fan’s Guide to the 2012 Draft

jets top brass

For the first time in what seems like forever, the New York Jets enter Draft weekend with a lot of picks at their disposal – ten to be exact, including the #16 overall selection in the first round. For those who haven’t been following all the 40 times, bench press reps, Pro Days, rumors, speculation, [...]

The Tebow Debate

tebow jets

  Last Wednesday’s Tebow trade has been nothing if not controversial.  Every sports pundit and beat writer in the country has made his opinion known by now.  YDKF’s own Mike Donnelly and Drew Zambetti are here to break down the move and give their opinions on the key factors.  Decide for yourself and be sure [...]

Winners and Losers of the Peyton Sweepstakes

Denver Broncos Introduce Peyton Manning

Well, the biggest football story of the past six months has come to a conclusion. The dust has settled on the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes, and the Denver Broncos were the ones with the winning ticket. The future Hall of Fame quarterback was introduced in Denver after signing a 5 year, $96 million contract. Obviously this [...]

Gambling Guide to March Madness, Pt. 1

Thumbs up, or Thumbs down for Duke?

Welcome back, fellow degenerate gamblers! With us a month removed from the last NFL game and having to wait six months until the next one, we need something to hold us over and scratch our gambling itch. Welcome to March Madness! A practical gambler’s dream weekend starts up Thursday at 12:15 and the action is [...]

Jets Guide to Free Agency (and Draft)


The free agent frenzy is nearly upon us and you just know Mike Tannenbaum is foaming at the mouth, waiting to do something big. He had his offseason appetizers by restructuring contracts to create the necessary cap space to improve this roster, and now it’s time for the big dog to eat. This is the [...]

Peyton? Just Say No

The jets should pass on Peyton manning

So Peyton Manning is a free agent, and the Jets need to get him because currently they employ the worst quarterback in the history of organized football; not just in the NFL, but the worst quarterback to play in any league, in any country, at any time, ever. At least that’s what it seems like [...]

The Ultimate Jets Offseason Preview

It's a big offseason for these guys.

Coming off a very disappointing 8-8 season that saw the proverbial shit hit the fan in pretty much all aspects, this is a huge off-season for the New York Jets. The lasting images of the 2011 season will be Santonio Holmes fighting with teammates on the field in week 17, Wayne Hunter getting treated like [...]

Gambling Guide to the Super Bowl

Will Bill be adding another ring to his collection?

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for a Jets fan such as myself, being treated to two solid weeks of Patriots vs Giants hoopla preceding the ONE Super Bowl matchup none of us want to see, they did. They got much worse. As if constant ridicule from opposing fans wasn’t enough, I [...]

Gambling Guide to the Conference Finals

Really, Joe?

And the run continues! No, I’m not talking about the teams that won last week to keep their seasons alive, although we will get to them in a minute. I’m talking about myself, and my pretty awesome run that I’ve been on the past few weeks picking winners. If you followed my advice from last [...]

Divisional Round Preview: Broncos-Patriots


In what may very well end up being the highest-rated NFL football game of all time, Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos travel to Foxboro Massachusetts on Saturday night to take on the New England Patriot. Let me repeat that: possibly the highest-rated NFL game of ALL-TIME! Those are the kind of stakes we are [...]