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Mark’s The Man – Sanchez Signs Contract Extension with the Jets


In what could be considered impeccable timing, the New York Jets extended QB Mark Sanchez’s contract by three more years late on Friday. The extension puts Sanchez under contract with the Jets for five years and clearly indicates that GM Mike Tannenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan feel that Sanchez is the Jets franchise quarterback [...]

You Don’t Know Sanchez

Sanchez Smiles

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Number 6 for the New York Jets, Quarterback Mark Sanchez!” “BOOOOOOO!!!!!” Gillette Stadium in Foxboro? Heinz Field in Pittsburgh? Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo? Nope. Met-Life Stadium, the New Meadowlands, also known as Sanchez’s home building. This Tuesday, on his weekly radio spot with New York’s all-sports radio station, WFAN, the Jets [...]

The Realists’ Corner


Welcome, fellow realists.  Week 12 of the NFL season is in the books, and once again our boys in green deliver us a frustrating, dispiriting win.  Now, I love this team as much as anyone, but if I have to sit through another week of prognosticators telling me that “Mark Sanchez has finally turned the [...]