Juventus’ recent dismissal of head coach Massimiliano Allegri could potentially end in a court case according to reports from La Gazzetta dello Sport on Sunday morning.

Allegri was officially sacked on Friday, in the aftermath of Wednesday’s Coppa Italia final, where, despite Juventus lifting the trophy, the coach erupted on the touchline, before making a series of alleged personal threats to Tuttosport editor Guido Vaciago.

Do Juventus owe Allegri €7m?

La Gazzetta report that Juventus consider themselves negatively impacted by Friday’s sacking, and that they have been evaluating the possibility of dismissal for just cause.

If that is the case, then Juventus could get away with not having to pay the remaining €7m on Allegri’s contract, which had been due to expire in the summer of 2025.

According to Sunday’s report, the former Bianconeri coach is yet to decide which next steps to take. If just cause is found, he could still appeal. He will have five days from the time of his dismissal to respond to the disciplinary issues he was presented with by CEO Maurizio Scanavino on behalf of the club’s lawyers at the time.

If Juventus are found not to have had just cause, or if they do and Allegri successfully appeals, the coach will be entitled to the €7m he is owed from the remaining year on his contract in full, plus potential compensation for damages to reputation.

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  1. they stole money from Ronaldo, they stole money from Bonucci, now they decided to rob Allegri and his staff. the next step is to go begging on the streets.

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