La Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter, celebration and chaos

At San Siro against Lazio to celebrate the Scudetto

Zhang accuses the fund Oaktree: ‘They put the future of the club at risk’

But the owners could hand it over

Toro for the Cups

Milan flattened, now Europe is closer

Atalanta in the Champions League

Motta, the final clash against Juve

Allegri in court?

Tomorrow against Bologna

Il Corriere dello Sport

Zhang’s surrender

On Tuesday the deadline for the 375m loan: no extensions

‘Stability is at risk’

Oaktree have Inter in hand

Steven’s concerns: ‘Every effort to reach an amicable solution has been exasperated by legal threats. We want to protect the club colours’

This evening there is Lazio

‘I will decide after the Final’

Gasp takes the Dea into the Champions League: Napoli are waiting

Atalanta win 2-0 in Lecce

Coach: ‘What counts for me is the challenge. Future? Bayer first’

Toro crush Milan (3-1): they are now ninth


De Rossi raises the bar: ‘Something has to change’

‘A strong coach gets the players he wants. For six years this team hasn’t gone beyond fifth place’

Guardiola: a poker to enter history

If Manchester City beat West Ham, Pep will win his fourth consecutive Premier League title

Sprint finish with Arsenal


Motta’s Juve? French style

Reinforcements, tactical system: project ready to take flight

Todibo and Thuram of Nice are objectives for defence and midfield

Meanwhile Montero prepares to lead the team in Bologna

His maxim: ‘Fairness matters in life, but in football I have to win’

Fantastic Next Gen: 3-1 in Caserta, progress in the play-offs

Zhang’s star is shattered

From the Scudetto to chaos within the club: Inter towards a turning point

No agreement with Pimco: this adventure is on its last legs

Strong Suning statement against Oaktree, who are ready to take control of the club and confirm faith in management guided by Marotta

Atalanta in the Champions League

Rejoice, Toro! Europe is right there

Milan flattened (3-1) and Napoli leapfrogged

Zapata, Ilic and Rodriguez seal a fabulous Granata night

Now they need to win in Bergamo to be certain of 9th place

And then hope Fiorentina triumph in the Conference League Final

Banners against Cairo and players

Juric: ‘I won’t change my mind, there is too little joy here and too much controversy’

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